React is an open-source JavaScript designed by Facebook. It focuses on individual components instead of working on the entire web app. This means that React allows developers to break down complex UI into simpler components. Therefore resulting in a faster and more efficient web app with minimum code.

React was developed to help improve the total rendered pages from the website server. Besides, it utilizes nodes to render on the client-side.

The major reason why you should start using React are:

  1. UI State becomes difficult to handle with just Vanilla JavaScript.
  2. Focus on business logic, not on preventing your app from exploding.
  3. High ecosystem, active community, and high performance.

Let’s look at these reasons in a broader view below:

  • It allows developers to write their apps within JavaScript. This is due to the feature React provides for developers. JSX (a syntactical sugar) is one common feature that allows custom HTML in JavaScript.
  • It is a component-based framework. Write a component once and reuse it in JavaScript (JSX). These allow developers to focus on components instead of the entire web app. That is since it is component-based, developers can break down a complex UI into components for the best rendering performance.
  • Props allow developers to pass custom data to a blank UI component for a better manageable state. It only updates data that changes rather than the entire web app.
  • The state makes it possible to store changes in one section. This makes debugging easier to fix because changeable contents are in a single location (State).
  • It uses Virtual DOM for faster apps. The idea of Virtual DOM allows React to know when exactly to re-render or when to ignore some specific pieces of DOM because it detects when data changes. This is crucial in enhancing the user experience.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • It has a large community of developers.
  • Because companies are in high demand for React developers, there’s a lot of employment for experienced React developers.
  • It is SEO-friendly. How Google Works is that the lower the page load time, and the faster the rendering speed, the higher the app ranking on Google. Thanks to the fast rendering, React, compared to other frameworks, significantly reduces the page load time, which greatly helps businesses in securing the first rank on Google Search Engine Result Page.

Below is a survey of the most wanted frameworks by Stack Overflow (2020).

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